Wednesday, March 23, 2005

together again, for the very first time

here are some folks that, had they worked together, would have made wonderful music. Note: these are all artists that could, based on time period, geography, etc. have realistically collaborated (or could still). Please hit me back with your own in the comments section. Or, if you're shy, you can just email your additions to me. Soon as I get them, I'll just post them up here along with your full name and my general thoughts on your personality, physical appearance, etc.

Kate Bush/David Byrne
Rachel's/Leonard Cohen
DJ Spooky/Bernard Parmegiani
Laurie Anderson/Greenwood bros. (Radiohead)
Morton Feldman/Sun Ra

and my alltime hail mary nothing-on-the-line backcourt dying wish request:

George Gershwin/Dave Tarras

Man, how tight would that have been? Only in dreams.

(p.s. I just finalized the boycott organizing details, so I start my new job with UNITE-HERE this coming Monday. Here's more info on what I'll be doing)


Julia Consuela said...

Elliott Smith and the Smiths

zach said...

Ghostface and The Pixies.

Journey and Beck.