Monday, July 10, 2006

I was wondering...

...why no comments on the last post, given all the Jews who read this.

Comments were broken. Now fixed.

("fire baaaaaaad")


munoz said...

i left alek a message about this, and then i wrote him an email, and he still has not responded, so maybe his jewish readers who also know me will think this is funny: on saturday night in the east village some jews for jesus hipsters stopped me because they thought i was jewish and thought i was rudely blowing them off when i tried to explain that i wasn't, that, indeed, my parents had had me baptized days after my birth. must have sensed my relationship patterns.

alek said...

Yo, I was at a wedding in the Canadian wilderness till 1:30AM last night.

I'm still catching up.

That's funny, though.

zach said...

It's cause you had just been hanging out with me and were therefor JBA (Jewish by association.)