Monday, February 05, 2007

i tried/i gave up

After about two and a half straight years of concerted resistance, I gave in to my demons. See, I love Wikipedia. I feel about Wikipedia kind of the way I do about unions -- with all their flaws, limitations, legitimate detractors, they're still the best revolution we've got.

Anyway, I knew from the moment I first got on the site, back in college, that it could be poison. I'd just recovered from an addiction to the okayplayer messageboards, and now Jimmy Wales was offering impassioned know-it-alls like me an opportunity to weigh in on everything, fight out minor points on discussion boards, root out systemic bias -- it really seemed like a wikitopia. So, even though I use the site all the time, and I followed the recent wave of criticism and praise, and got into a number of intense discussions about the merits of collectivism in encyclopaedic context...I never actually made any edits. Because I knew that as soon as I changed something, it would be a slippery slope.

This weekend I let go like it was Raging Waters. I'd been reading so much about it, and debating it, and I just decided that I couldn't hold my position in these arguments if I wasn't a wiki author myself. So now I am. Oh well.

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Not a Flaneur, I Just Walk A lot said...

I've written and contributed to wikis under a witty pseduonym. I enjoy it.

Also, is that raging waters place the inspiration for the waterloo water park in Bill &Ted's excellent adventure?

alek said...

What I want to know is, after I linked to Sarah Stillman's Wikipedia entry (!?), are you the one who put a disputed neutrality tag on it?