Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NewPlasticWeblog is moving!

More accurate title:

"NewPlasticWeblog is dying."

Remember about two years ago when I posted a young, fresh-faced, optimistic explanation about the importance and excitement of my work with Hotel Workers Rising? Yeah, the average hotel housekeeper is still making $8.37/hr with no benefits. Still a lot of rising to do.

So I'm still too busy to do this at work, and too tired to do this at home.

BUT: check it -- we're moving everything under one roof., newplasticmusic (soon to be renamed and augmented with the first E.P. by my one man band), Natoma Studio (our DIY projects and other weirdness), and a brand new politics/culture feature called "Class Enemies."

This will happen.

Walking is still honest.
Human psychology is based on projection.

back in a month or two