Monday, February 28, 2005

I made this silly list because 150 people died in Iraq today

Thank goodness for weblogs, distracting us from greed, suffering, and injustice. They are to politically conscious urbanites what shiny, dangling objects are to raccoons. I would know -- I have a weblog, and a family of raccoons lived inside a tree behind my house when I was a kid. So I've got all the bases covered.

It occurred to me as I was listening to the Postal Service this morning on the way to work that Ben Gibbard has about the most annoying, ingratiating voice I can think of. Some people can get away with that, and some can't. Hence this list.

Annoying Voices:

i forgive you

- kate bush
- ma$e
- percy sledge
- dean wareham
- cyndi lauper
- ringo starr

shut up now

- ben gibbard
- ja rule
- nico
- celine dion
- pharrell
- barney

(Incidentally, "The Postal Service" is just about the dumbest name for a band since "Ace of Base." They should have just named themselves "The Census Bureau" or "The United States Department of Agriculture" and gotten it over with)


zach said...

yo just cause you're from the west coast don't mean you can hate on Cyndi Lauper!

Julia Consuela said...

But Pharrell is so cute!

alek said...

first of all, i didn't hate on cyndi lauper. are you really going to argue that she doesn't have an annoying voice? i still like it a lot, but only when she's singing good songs.

and jules, feminists are supposed to be able to distinguish between how people look and what comes out of their mouth. my mom taught me that.