Tuesday, April 26, 2005

old plastic

So sorry.

I badly wanted to keep this weblog going through my transition to a new job, but things have been far too busy and, frankly, I can't get perspective. I'm dividing my time between San Francisco and San Jose, trying to get my arms around a difficult and draining job. All of you who have done full-time organizing know how much it insulates you from the rest of the world -- it's a challenge to maintain a personal life at all, and my determination to do that (I'm sorry to say) far outweighs my desire to project half-truths, insults, and jumbled political analysis into cyberspace.

So, it's time to recognize the inevitable and put this blog on layaway, for when I have more money or leisure.

If NewPlastic re-emerges again in the future, which it very well might, I'll let everyone know.

Until then, keep on.

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