Friday, June 02, 2006

Search (Silly-) Strings

To hold y'all over until we've bought our new place and I can get back to goofing off at work.

Here are the choice strings from May '06.

not the same ben folds
I assume they're talking about the song, but it might also be this.

laurie anderson superman
Everything I love about this song, Camille hates with her whole heart.
But here's a nice ode from someone who shares my regard.

tumba palo cucuye is a song

super timberlands that make you look taller
That's not what they do.

boo la migra
No astute comment, this just cracks me up. What search results would satisfy the originator of this string? Not to minimize the sentiment, but this is kind of the equivalent of getting up and typing "I'm hungry" into the Google search bar.

its not what you look like when you're doin what you're doin

evaluate article corporate social responsibility clive crook
Yeah, somebody should.

globalization affects old traditions.
No kidding, how about that?

By the way, I'm aware how self-referential (and self-congratulatory) these things are sometimes, so, a little humility:

janel moloney in her underwear
At first I kept wondering why this string appears over and over, month after month -- till I realized that they were all my searches.

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