Friday, January 06, 2006

better than flingers

Yesterday, a group of former workers from the Windows on the World, the WTC restaurant destroyed on September 11, 2001, opened their own worker-owned restaurant near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

This is inspiring for like, 29 different reasons, not the least of which being executive chef Raymond Mohan's description of the kitchen:

"This is the new American food. It's cooked in a kitchen where
everyone is equal, no yelling, no screaming. And you actually
own the dishes you're washing."

All you New Yorkers should check it out. Everyone else, it's also worth checking out the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, which developed the restaurant model, and engages in all kinds of progressive campaigning on behalf of the overwhelmingly immigrant populations that work in NY restaurants.

I was gonna give y'all a bunch of resources to find other cooperatives, but finding the resources is easy. Finding actual worker-owned co-ops is harder.

Actually, this whole post was a ploy for me to insert a plug for Full Sail Ale, brewed beneath the majestic peaks of Mt. Hood, Oregon, and owned by workers. The Pale, Amber, and IPA are tasty as the dickens.

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