Thursday, January 12, 2006

more on squab

I was pretty much completely off track about what a squab actually is.

From Bokhari Squab Farms:

A squab is a 25-30 days old pigeon (nestling).

So...I guess I wasn't totally wrong about it being flightless. Whoa, this blog has taken a weird PETA-ish turn in the last week or so. I'll try to get things together. In the meantime, look up "spatchcock," which is a new word I just learned about poultry preparation.

Incidentally, the Squab Producers of California (located at "," which was a nice shot-in-the-dark for me), have unintentionally produced a hilarious website.

From the homepage:

Welcome to the Internet. This site will provide valuable information for anyone interested in squabs and our cooperative. We are the largest Squab Cooperative of its kind in the world. It is our goal that we would have a global presence in our marketplace. With our recent arrival on the World Wide Web, we are confident in further providing the best services possible for our customers.

Be sure to check out the North American distributor map.

And if I forgot to say it before: Welcome to the Internet, everybody!!

1 comment:

zach said...

No.. I don't want no squabs. A squab is a bird that won't get no love from me

Kind of like Sporty Theives's "No Pidgins" but about actual pigeons. It'll take hte nation by storm.